Nicole Moodley

Nicole Moodley

Nicole is an associate attorney at Witz Inc. law firm in Rosebank, Johannesburg, where she practices as a member of the firm’s Civil and Commercial Litigation Department.

A graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, Nicole earned her LLB degree in 2011 and began doing her articles in 2012. During her tenure at a local law firm, she gained experience in general law, including family law as well as civil and commercial litigation.

“I was admitted as an Attorney in 2015,” says Nicole. “I then worked as an associate in an established legal collections practice where I specialised in legal debt collection and gained experience and skill as a civil

With an eye for detail, and the ability to carefully draft pleadings, Nicole has accrued extensive experience in both the High Court and Magistrate’s Court during her years as a candidate attorney and admitted attorney.

In October 2017 Nicole joined Witz Inc. as an associate in the civil and commercial litigation department. “One of the key factors that attracted me to Witz Inc. was the culture of honesty and empathy, and the fact that this is a law firm that genuinely puts its clients first.” says Nicole. “When clients contact us, it’s sometimes completely new territory for them – and we make a point of explaining the process, walking them through the options, and providing advice that is meaningful and practical.”

Nicole points out that Witz Inc. does not subscribe to a generic approach when it comes to litigation.​ “Even though the litigation process itself is well defined, every situation differs, and we never take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. If a course of action isn’t going to be beneficial for a client, we say so upfront, and we ensure that the solutions we present are uniquely tailored to that client’s specific situation and requirements.”

Nicole is a pragmatist with an eye for detail, and this is reflected in her work.​ “I’m a firm believer in diligence and scrupulous attention to the details of every situation I deal with,” says Nicole. “By doing that, I not only develop systems within my own work that ensures accuracy and consistency but also provide clients with peace of mind in knowing that their matter is being handled with the utmost attentiveness and professionalism.”

It is this client-centric approach that informs every aspect of practice and every department at Witz Inc. and ensures that clients – ranging from individuals to corporate clients – receive advice and legal representation that has their best interests at heart, at all times.

“Witz Inc. is a law firm that is immediately and obviously different,” says Nicole. “Forget all the tired old clichés about lawyers. This is a team that performs at an amazing level, with humanity and integrity, and I’m tremendously proud to be a part of it.”

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