A Modern Law Firm  for Today's Legal Matters

Witz Inc. was born as a start-up law firm back in 2012, by Daniel Witz. Daniel saw a need to create a law firm that put its clients' needs at the heart of the business. Witz Inc. has grown its success by recognising how today's legal matters require a more modern approach and employing strategies fit for the future, rather than relying on the same outdated legal tactics that have been in use for decades. Since then the law firm has grown from strength to strength into the full-service law firm it is today - with our client's best interests still at the forefront.
Law Firms & Attorneys in Rosebank, Johannesburg
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Professional Attorneys that put Our Clients First

At Witz Inc., we pride ourselves not only on being excellent attorneys but genuinely nice people, which makes it so much easier when dealing with often emotional legal matters. Our clients range from corporates to entrepreneurs, from families to individuals, and every client is treated with care, attentiveness, and the utmost professionalism. Our 6 partners at Witz Inc. Law each contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience to our practice within their respective fields, ensuring excellence across the board.


Attorneys Specialised in All Aspects of the Law

Witz Inc. offers expertise across the full range of legal practices from legal advisory to contracts, mediation, trade mark prosecution as well as litigation, and transfers, and notarising too, ensuring we employ the right tactics at the right time, always putting our clients’ interests first. By offering all these legal services in one office, our clients get access to a full-service specialised counsel legal service provider, making us uniquely positioned to provide you with the correct counsel for your situation, whether it be personal or business-related.

Witz Inc. is also a member of an extensive mutual network of law firms and legal resources throughout South Africa and internationally, which means that we offer local expertise combined with global relevance – so our clients get the benefit of a law firm that is geared to provide expert legal services at a number of different levels.

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Legal Services at a Transparent Fee

Legal matters can be stressful enough, without having to worry about unknown costs and fees piling up too. That’s why at Witz Inc., wherever possible, and for non-litigious matters, we favour a more client-friendly “project fee” model, rather than the traditional per-hour billable fee. This means our clients can better manage their projected legal expenses with greater confidence and certainty while ensuring the very best professional legal representation.

For a competent, caring, and professional approach to all your legal needs, get in touch with Witz Inc.


Witz Inc. pre-empts issues before I have even identified them, addressing needs beyond the formal scope of engagement.

- CZ

The team is quick to act and having their expertise and support is what provides me the confidence to continue to be strong. Claire and Jenna have been a pillow of support extending further than the legal advice the team offer, which is always professional and built around case law, actively investigating case law in making the most informed decisions on dealing with matters and protecting me as the client.

- JS

This process has been so challenging and I am grateful to have had the team at Witz Inc. behind me throughout. I certainly have many more mountains to climb, but I would like to say thank you to all that have walked the journey with me thus far.

- KN

feel so incredibly lucky to be able to call him (Craig) “my lawyer” – he is ridiculously overqualified and at the same time SUCH a nice guy. He has really been a source of sanity


When I was arrested, I chose to ignore the legal advice offered by the Witz team. 4 months later, I found myself requiring legal support again and this time I put all my trust in their advice. The team are continuing to walk this unfortunate path with me, which is going to be a long journey., but I wouldn’t choose to have anyone but this team on board.

- KT

I am extremely satisfied with not only the level of legal expertise, but also the level of support Claire and her team have provided. I am always left feeling comfortable, informed and in very capable hands even if during my most trying times.

- MM

In my experience, I feel that Witz Inc. and their team really care about our needs and take the time to listen and understand the challenges. Often providing relevant and solid advice and insights to allow us to make a better and informed decision.

- MD
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