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Our Family Law attorneys provide effective family law solutions to all Family Law matters including parental rights & responsibilities, maintenance & divorce.
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At Witz Inc., Family Law forms an integral part of our practice, and for those seeking Family Law attorneys in Rosebank, Johannesburg, we provide expert counsel and assistance with all related matters. Family Law typically deals with topics that include parental rights and responsibilities, maintenance of dependents, child support, divorce settlements, and divorce. Our objective is to equip you with a sound understanding of the law in order to better understand your legal position, and also to provide advice on the most helpful and cost-effective approaches to resolving Family Law disputes or issues that you may encounter.

The Family Law attorneys at Witz Inc. have accrued vast experience and insight – our team includes a former Acting Magistrate in the Children’s Court – and are superbly qualified to offer pragmatic, honest advice which takes all perspectives into account. Above all, our Family Law team is passionate about ensuring the well-being of children involved in child custody disputes, guardianship cases, adoption processes, and ensuring parental visitation rights – so you can be sure that in any dispute which may affect your children, their care and welfare are always of primary importance to us

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Honesty, transparency, and a realistic, pragmatic approach is what we offer at Witz Inc. Our mandate – especially with regard to Family Law – is to seek solutions that are fair to all concerned, including mediation and collaborative family law strategies to minimize conflict and expense.

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What Does This Mean?

It means that in addition to diligently applying our legal expertise to a matter, we also take into account the fact that Family Law disputes often incur a great deal of emotional conflict. Finding the balance between due legal process and an equitable agreement is something we specialise in, and we approach every matter with care and sensitivity to the nuances of each specific situation.

In addition, South African law makes provision for a wide range of recognised family dynamics – including traditional or customary unions, nuclear and extended families, same-sex marriages, and committed partners who are not married but who parent children together, among others. This means that every family unit is unique, and a ‘one size fits all’ legal solution cannot be applied.

For this reason, our team’s approach to dealing with Family Law matters is one of empathy, sensitivity, and respect for the family or cultural norms that define the family unit, ensuring that your needs are fully understood and that you are properly advised and expertly represented.Being solutions driven, it is our mandate to present all legal options available to our clients and to educate them as to how these would apply to their unique set of circumstances. In doing so we seek to empower our clients and equip them to make well-informed decisions best suited to their needs. Authenticity, combined with a sympathetic, intuitive approach, enables us to apply legal expertise in a deeply human and relatable manner.

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Our Family Law Department Specialises in

Matters Involving Children

  • Matters involving children including parental rights and responsibilities in regard to minors
  • Care and contact (formerly custody and access) applications
  • Guardianship applications
  • Maintenance applications
  • Surrogacy
  • Adoptions
  • Children’s court proceedings
  • International relocation applications
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  • Mediation
  • Divorce litigation
  • Unopposed divorce proceedings

Domestic Violence and Protection from Harassment

  • Protection Orders and related matters;
  • Protection from Harassment
  • Domestic violence and abuse
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General Family Law Matters

  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Assisting clients with the drafting of their antenuptial contracts prior to marriage, as well as postnuptial contracts where these are required.
  • Managing mental health or incapacity applications and curatorship applications on behalf of clients and their families
  • Offering a complete service with regard to drafting of wills and winding up of deceased estates
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Attorney Claire Thomson

Claire is a specialist Family Law practitioner and is the head of the Family Law Department at Witz Inc. Attorneys. With 10 years of experience in the field of Family Law, Claire is passionate about creating meaningful and effective solutions for her clients. Family Law is by its very nature, often stressful for clients, and Claire works hard to achieve results for her clients that are effective and impactful in their lives going forward.
Claire sat as an acting Magistrate in the Children’s Court in 2018, further deepening her knowledge of legal matters concerning children. She adjudicated over matters including adoptions, foster care and contact for children.
Claire is also a notary public allowing her to provide a full service practice to her clients in respect of drafting their antenuptial contracts. She also provides authentication services including apostilles for clients who are emigrating or require authentication services. Claire was appointed as the CEO of Witz Inc. in 2017. She is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys developing new business strategies to make Witz Inc. the most effective platform for client’s legal service offerings.
Claire has a passion for legal education and can be booked for public and corporate training events on a variety of legal topics. She frequently appears on Radio to discuss her work and topics including laws pertaining to marriage and children. She also lectured at several private tertiary institutions from 2012 – 2015.

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As leading family law attorneys in Johannesburg, we’re committed to ensuring that family legal disputes and related matters are handled sympathetically, expertly, and with the utmost integrity and transparency, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

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