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Criminal Law

As a leading firm in Rosebank, Johannesburg, with an expert Criminal Law team, Witz Inc. is equipped to provide expert, high-level legal advise and representation pertaining to crinimal matters.
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Criminal Law in South Africa

We specialise in dealing with cases that arise within corporate environments and public-facing institutions, particularly cases which have the potential to result in brand damage or reputational damage as issues or allegations may become amplified or distorted in the media. High-profile private cases are also our domain of expertise, where we exercise a high degree of discretion, press management, and public relations management.

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What is Domestic Violence, Exactly?

Our Criminal Law Department is headed up by Daniel Witz, founder of Witz Inc. who has accrued vast experience as a criminal defense attorney in both the Magistrates and High Courts. With a legacy of extraordinary success, he has represented several high-profile clients during the course of his career at Witz Inc. Daniel is superbly qualified to assist with, and discreetly manage matters of this nature.

Daniel is renowned for his critical and analytical reasoning skills, in conjunction with years of valuable experience and legal insight – qualities that have contributed to his stellar reputation as a high-profile criminal defense attorney.

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Why Choose Witz Inc. Law Firm?

For many people who find that they are the subjects of criminal investigation, or who require legal representation in the process of laying criminal charges against another party, the experience can often be one of great uncertainty and concern, often exacerbated by heightened emotions associated with such an event.

At Witz Inc. our approach is empathetic, attentive, and professional, and our first step in the course of representing a client is to ensure that all legal procedures – along with the attendant options and likelihoods – are explained in detail. We understand that a criminal matter can be highly subjective and complex, and we strive to provide a framework of expert knowledge and sound legal advice based on proven experience, along with the reassurance that the client is in expert hands. Our task is to ensure that clients understand all of the information necessary in order to make informed decisions.

Our one-on-one approach to dealing with clients in Criminal Law cases is characterized by ongoing support and constant communication, along with the best legal advice and representation. We understand the confidentiality required in such matters and ensure that the interests of our clients are respected and protected throughout the legal process. We also understand that it is in our clients’ best interests to facilitate the resolution of criminal matters as discreetly and efficiently as possible, to the fullest extent of the law. Whether you are an individual or corporate client, proceeding as the complainant or defendant in a Criminal Law case, Witz Inc. provides high-level legal representation that encompasses every stage of the process.

If you require representation in a criminal matter, or to find out more, please contact us.