Austin Bagley
Candidate Attorneys

Austin Bagley

Austin Bagley is a Candidate Attorney at Witz Inc. law firm, where he practices as a member of the firm’s Criminal Litigation Department.

Graduating from Varsity College with a Bachelor of Commerce, Austin subsequently attended and completed his LLB at the University of Witwatersrand. He is currently working on his articles at Witz Inc, which he describes as a law firm unlike any other.

“Witz Inc is highly innovative,” says Austin. “There’s a strong culture of holding the traditions of the law to an extremely high standard, while doing so in an atmosphere of fun, a culture of learning, and an environment where excellence is a given. This is a thoroughly modern and forward-thinking firm that takes a radically different approach to its clients and the way it treats the matters they present.”

Austin is gaining exposure within the fields of criminal law as well as commercial law – both of which he finds extremely stimulating.

“I’ve learned an incredible amount in a very short period of time,” says Austin. “Working under Daniel Witz and Manfred Witz is a rare privilege. They’re outstanding attorneys who have an absolute wealth of experience and expertise to impart.”

A Holistic Law Practice

Prior to joining Witz Inc, Austin worked for a year in the Legal and Data Privacy department of a major telecommunications operator, and this has in part also served to provide him with a more holistic understanding of the application of law within industry.

A keen tennis and football player (and a die-hard Liverpool supporter), Austin is also an entrepreneur at heart, with an interest in property development as well.

“Witz Inc is an amazing environment,” says Austin. “It’s highly supportive, with an emphasis on task ownership, self-discipline, and extremely high standards of performance – while doing so within a culture of genuine rapport between colleagues and clients. Our clients know this. They know they’re welcome, they know they’ll be treated exceptionally well, and they know we’ll stop at nothing to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.” 

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