Dani Shein

Dani Shein

Dani is a director at Witz Inc. law firm in Rosebank, Johannesburg, where she practices as a member of the firm’s Corporate and Commercial Law Department.

Graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with her LLB, as well as a BCom, Dani began her legal career by doing her articles at Witz Inc. in 2015. After being admitted as an attorney, she continued her practice with Witz Inc. being appointed as an associate in 2017.

“Starting out, I gained experience in a number of fields,” says Dani. “Family Law, Civil Litigation… but where I really found my niche was in Commercial Law. It’s something I enjoy tremendously, and it’s a field that is constantly growing as so many aspects of corporate and commercial law continue to evolve.”

Dani has already added to her credentials by completing the Advanced Company Law 1 Course presented by Professor Michael Katz at the University of the Witwatersrand.

“The drafting and vetting of commercial agreements requires an eye for extreme detail and accuracy,” says Dani. “Our clients know that they’re getting the best possible combination of up-to-date legal expertise and practical experience, in a framework that is client-focused and easily understandable.”

Dani offers a bespoke service to a range of corporate clients, particularly small and medium size companies. Start-ups, particularly in the fintech industry, have benefited enormously from her expertise.

“We don’t subscribe to the old-fashioned model of ‘one size fits all’ commercial law consulting that so many firms still seem to be stuck with,” says Dani. “For a start, we offer our commercial and corporate clients the option of engaging with us on an affordable per-project fee basis, rather than a per hour rate. Why? Because it makes it far easier for a business owner or entrepreneur to budget for necessary legal costs upfront, with no surprises, and the clear assurance of knowing exactly what they’re getting.”

There is an additional benefit that start-ups and smaller companies enjoy as well – the advantage of dealing with a trusted law firm on a longer-term basis. This, says Dani, means that as a company grows, their legal counsel is attuned to changes and developments, understands their business requirements, and is positioned to assist more knowledgeably and efficiently at every stage of development.

“We’re personable and attentive to the needs of every single client,” says Dani. “If you’re not into the stuffy, traditional approach, then I have good news for you. Witz Inc. is an agile, innovative and dynamic firm: we have an open-door policy, and we always aim to foster a healthy working relationship with our clients.”

From the drafting of contracts to litigation – and every other aspect of commercial law – the Witz Inc. team brings a wealth of experience to the table on behalf of clients in every industry.

“We’re extremely professional, but also very client-friendly,” says Dani. “Affordability, expertise, and personalised service are what we offer. Chat to us and find out how we can assist you with the legal needs of your business.”

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