Jenna Jacobs

Jenna Jacobs

Jenna Jacobs is a Director at Witz Inc. Law Firm in Rosebank, Johannesburg, where she practices as a member of the firm’s Family Law Department.

After completing her LLB at the University of Johannesburg, Jenna did her articles and was admitted as an attorney in 2016, commencing her career at an Insurance Litigation Firm. An option became available to join Witz Inc. toward the end of 2017, and Jenna took the opportunity.

“Witz Inc. is a law firm with a reputation for being innovative and extremely client-focused”, say Jenna. “The culture here is one of careful attention to detail, a friendly and openly communicative business model, and always doing what’s best for our clients.”

The Family Law Department at Witz Inc. is headed up by Director Claire Thomson, and Jenna describes Claire as a mentor possessing a wealth of knowledge as well as genuine care and empathy for the firm’s Family Law clients.

“Practicing Family Law isn’t something you can do as a matter of routine,” says Jenna. “Each case is unique: it requires legal expertise, but also a measure of insight, empathy and understanding of family dynamics. The advice we provide, the decisions we empower our clients to make, has real-life implications, and we take that very seriously. Our goal is to always equip our clients to make choices that will truly benefit them in both the short and the long term.”

Family Law, according to Jenna, is also one of the most rewarding areas of legal practice, because it enables the practical application of the law to family matters, with tangible results that are intended to benefit the parties concerned.

“As much as it’s a legal function and a job, it’s also a calling,” she says. “Not everyone is cut out to be a family attorney. We’re one hundred percent committed to the personable approach, the environment of support and consideration that we extend to our clients.”

“What sets Witz Inc. apart from many other law firms?” says Jenna. “I believe it’s the fact that there is such an incredible amount of knowledge and experience available within each of our different departments. We believe that it’s better to develop deep expertise in a specific field of law practice rather than trying to be a generalist – a ‘jack of all trades’. We don’t do that. Rather, our clients have access to specialists who provide top-tier legal services at affordable rates, in a genuinely client-friendly and supportive environment.”

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