Kajal Ghaheri
Candidate Attorneys

Kajal Ghaheri

Kajal Ghaheri is a Candidate Attorney at Witz Inc law firm in Rosebank, Johannesburg, where she practices as a member of the firm’s Civil Litigation and Commercial Department.

Kajal studied at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she completed a BCom Law, majoring in Corporate Finance and Investment, and in Law. She also sub-majored in Insurance and Risk Management. Kajal has since completed her LLB.

Not all of Kajal’s studies have been theoretical, either. She has also completed Practical Legal Training (PLT) in Cape Town through LSSA, LEAD and the University of Cape Town, giving her insight into the real-world application of law.

Kajal began doing her articles at Witz Inc in October 2022. Apart from some post-study vacation work and a 3-month internship at a firm in Cape Town, Kajal’s first exposure to a thoroughly modern, progressive law practice began when she joined Witz Inc.

Why Witz?

“To put it simply, Witz Inc is just such a vibrant, modern firm,” says Kajal. “The way things are done is dynamic and professional, within a great culture. There’s a kind of positive energy that you immediately feel when you walk in. Having been exposed to other law firms, I can tell you that this one is very different – in all the right ways.”

Insight, Expertise and Experience

Kajal is working on her articles under the tutorship of Daniel Witz, founder of Witz Inc.

“Daniel is incredibly skilled in so many fields,” says Kajal. “I’m primarily working within the Civil Litigation and Commercial Law Department, but I also get exposure to cutting-edge Criminal law too – and I think I’d like to pursue Commercial and Sports Law as I progress.”

Why Sports Law?

“I’m passionate about football, for a start,” says Kajal with a broad smile. “I used to be a coach, and I’m a passionate Real Madrid fan! That aside, I believe the future holds great opportunities for professional sportspeople and teams, and the legal landscape around Sports Law is becoming more complex than ever.”

Witz Inc is a firm with a reputation for professionalism, and Kajal says this reputation is well-founded.

“The culture at Witz Inc is unique and progressive. We work hard – but we play hard, too, and it’s an incredibly supportive environment. This is how it’s supposed to be done.”

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