Linia Masunganye
Support Staff

Linia Masunganye

Linia Masunganye is a support staff member at Witz Inc. law firm in Rosebank, Johannesburg, where she helps with office cleaning and maintenance, and prepares much-appreciated refreshments for her fellow team members and clients .

Linia joined Witz Inc. in 2014 and is a valued member of the Witz team. Throughout her years of loyal service, Linia has seen the growth of the firm first-hand, and describes her role with characteristic modesty.

“I am here to help, and to make things easier for everyone,” says Linia. “I can say that Witz Inc. is the perfect workplace, where people are treated with consideration and care, and I see the same thing when the attorneys deal with their clients. Everyone is treated well, and I think that is why so many people choose to come here.”

For many clients visiting Witz Inc., their first impression of the firm is formed when they’re offered tea or coffee (or even an ice-cream), served with a smile by Linia, and helped to feel at home.

Outside of the office, Linia enjoys attending church, socialising with good friends, and engaging in her favourite hobby.

“I love sewing,” says Linia with a broad smile. “It’s something that I really enjoy. The process of creating something beautiful takes time and patience, and you must be able to see every little detail.”

To anyone observing Linia at work in the office, it quickly becomes apparent that she brings the same studious attention to detail to the tasks that she fulfils so well. Diligence, patience, and a firm belief in a job well done, are the hallmarks of her presence at Witz Inc.

“Everyone here works very hard,” says Linia, “but it is a workplace where people are treated well, even when things are busy, and that is very important.”

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