Zhakhele Mahotso
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Zhakhele Mahotso

Zakhele Mahotso is anAssociate Attorney at Witz Inc law firm, where he practices as a member of the firm’s Criminal Law Department.

Zakhele studied at North-West University, where he completed his academic qualification in Bachelor of Arts with Law Subjects in 2017, followed by a professional qualification in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 2019. After completing two years of articles at Legal Aid South Africa, Zakhele joined Witz Inc as an associate attorney. 

“Witz Inc is a unique environment with a very well-defined culture,” says Zakhele. “This is a firmt hat values diversity and excellence. It’s reflected in the firm’s structure, the openness and respect you encounter whether you’re a colleague or a client. It’s also reflected in the recognition of talent and the way clients’ matters are attended to with the utmost diligence and professionalism.”

The culture of service embodied within Witz Inc means that the needs of the firm’s clients are placed first.

Zakhele says that it is this same sense of discipline and dedication that drives each member of the team at Witz Inc to consistently excel.

“Here, you’re not just a cog in a machine,” says Zakhele. “There’s a very real focus on optimising individual performance and doing it in a way that also enables every member of the team to leverage their own unique talents and strengths.”   

Where Excellence Thrives

“Working with the firm’s founder, Daniel Witz, in the firm’s Criminal Law Department is incredibly instructive,” says Zakhele. “Daniel is vastly experienced, with a depth of knowledge and expertise that is absolutely amazing. He’s not just a mentor: he’s an inspiration, and I mean that in the best possible sense. Over and above his considerable legal knowledge and capability, he demonstrates exactly what high-level legal practice is all about. This is the kind of imparted knowledge that you will never find in a textbook.”

Zakhele says that Witz Inc is also an environment within which he can live out his core values.

“At heart, I’m a humanitarian,” he says. “It’s a quality I gained from my mother, and for whichI’m deeply grateful. I’m a contributing member of the Stop Awareness Campaign, which is dedicated to educating people in townships, and those who are less privileged, about their Constitutional rights.”

“And -” he says with a smile, “in my spare time, you’ll find me helping my partner with designing and installing high-end furniture. It’s something I also really enjoy.”  

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