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January 9, 2024
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Property Law in South Africa

Property Law in South Africa can often be complex. Engaging the services of a property law expert will ensure that you do not incur unnecessary expense or financial loss in property-related matters and transactions.At Witz Inc, our legal team is more than just a selection of associates; we are a team of experts in specific and divergent areas of law. This means that our clients are assured of specialised expertise and experience in matters related to property, along with personalised interaction and an approach designed to guide clients through the legal process with as much clarity and simplicity as possible. Contact us today with your property law enquiries.


The conveyancing of property from one party to another by an attorney not only protects the rights of the individuals or legal entities involved in the transaction but establishes a framework within which the ownership such property may be undertaken. A simple example of this may be a provision in a sale agreement where issues like land use or zoning are stipulated.

Property law experts for a range of matters

Generally, property law deals with the ownership, rights and responsibilities, transfer, sale, and utilisation of property. These provisions include matters like:

  • Sale of property and transfer of ownership
  • Securities, deposits, credit, and other transactional agreements
  • Mortgages and other financing instruments
  • Rentals and leases
  • Foreclosures and repossessions
  • Subdivision or development of a property
  • Deceased estates and inheritances

At Witz Inc, we are equipped to offer expert legal advice and representation across a range of matters pertaining to property law. In cases where the rights of a party to an agreement are infringed upon, legal intervention may be necessary in order to assert an individual’s rights, obtain an interdict to prevent or compel certain actions, and to ensure that due process is adhered to.We specialise in:

  • Conveyancing / Property transfers
  • Mortgage and notarial bonds
  • Preparation and review of property-related agreements
  • Property disputes and litigation

Why choose Witz Inc for your property related matters?

Our approach is one of personable, relatable law practice: we guide our clients through every stage of a legal process with transparency, clear communication, and expertise, enabling clients to make decisions based on the very best available legal resources.In addition to conveyancing, we assist with the defence or prosecution of any debt or related disputes and litigation. Our team is also able to provide expert advice on legislative and regulatory issues, in order to ensure that transactions or other agreements entered into by our clients are fully compliant with current legislation. Some of these issues may involve important additional issues such as servitudes, rezoning or the enforcement or removal of restrictive conditions – aspects which may not readily be considered by clients when considering a property-related proposal or entering into an agreement. To find out more about how we can assist you with property law-related matters, or to arrange a consultation with a property law expert, please contact us.​​