Regulation update: bring your child's birth certificate!

November 13, 2022
Family Law
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A further directive of 15 April 2020 has been published in the Government Gazette concerning the exercise of contact for parents of minor children.

The provision adds to the previous regulation by allowing the movement of children between co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights, during the lockdown period, to allow parents who are in possession of the child’s birth certificate, to have the children move between each other’s homes.

The birth certificate must prove a relationship between the co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights.

The previous regulations promulgated on 7 April 2020, made provision (and continues to provide) that children may move between the co-holders of parental rights and responsibilities during the lockdown period in terms of a court order, or if a parental rights and responsibilities agreement has been registered with the family advocate.

This is likely to make the handover of children between the co-holders of parental rights and responsibilities easier.

Finally, parents must remember that the household to which the child is travelling should not have persons living in, or reasonably suspected to have come into contact with, a person who has come into contact with the COVID-19 virus.

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